DGreen Limited Services

The Services

We put our hearts into creating spaces that bring your story to life; we provide:

Railway Constructions

Design and construction of railways and railway infrastructure based on the customer's needs and requests; Complete track renewal, track raising, track renovation, and maintenance.

Roads & Bridges

DGreen has built their reputation on providing high-quality results in an efficient manner, in services include bitumen sealing, minor civil works, road profiling, asphalt surfacing, civil construction, & placement of gravel and CTB’s.

Water Power & Dam

DGreen dam maintenance division provides expert dam construction contractors who specialize in rehabilitation & replacement services for dam mechanical equipment of all sizes.

Aviation Construction

DGreen Engineering Limited work in the aviation market makes air travel more comfortable and convenient for millions of passengers each day.


Our customers’ projects have a higher purpose their roads, rail, communications, airports & energy projects are a gateway to a modern prosperous world.

Architecture & Engineering

At DGreen Architecture + Engineering (A+E), our job is to take ideas and shape them into tangible, meaningful structures that bring value to our customers, the people who use the building and the surrounding community.

Real Estate Management

DGreen Real Estate Management team brings unmatched insights to property and leasing management that lead the market in increasing property value.

Capital Markets

DGreen has fostered successful relationships with customers and capital providers through our long-standing, proven track record of working successfully with lenders.